Alfred Friesen bought the current farmstead in Meade, KS in 1961. A brand was needed so the animals could be identified when they would get mixed up with the neighbor's cattle, so Al designed a brand with a broken bar on top of an F. This hints to the name of the farm.

Al's Broken Bar Farm is operated by Alfred, Lyle, and Brandon Friesen.  John Deere tractors and supporting equipment are used to prepare 3,000 acres of cropland for wheat, milo, and cattle feed.

In addition to farmland, Al's Broken Bar Farm owns a herd of  black and red Angus cows and calves which graze on 6,000 acres of grassland. These Angus cattle are       FOR SALE. (Pictures are available on the Photo page under Cattle.)                    Horses are used to check,work, and move cattle, in addition to                            riding just for fun.